"Crafting near-future architectures, poetic atmospheres and refined art direction" - Ulises Studio

Ulises is a design studio based in Berlin, specialized in crafting immersive environments and captivating installations that transport people into extraordinary realms. Their aim is to always explore humanistic ideas, merging creative innovation and cutting edge technology, to design a non-artific future.

At Ulises, they believe that great design has the power to shape and inspire the world around us. And at Super Galerie, we resonate with this idea, which led us to the creation of Ulises' first printed limited artwork: Kinetic Kingdom.

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This exclusive AI artwork, Limited to 20 Editions only, explores the possibilities of portable collective solutions for contemporary nomadic communities.

This collaboration marks the beginning of Super Galerie's immersion towards the AI world.

And lastly, our environmental mission continues: this collaboration will contribute to planting 1 tree for every Edition sold.